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Friday, 24 August 2012

Beauty Of the Day: Blog Author, Jenny Chisom

Miss Jenny Chisom

Saturday, 11 August 2012

"The Diary" most anticipated in Nigeria

What I think!
This Author loves his wife and family and aptly dedicates this literary piece to them and then also to ex-boys of the Nigeria Military school Zaria, the major embodiments of his inspiration for this book.

In the Author’s language “The Diary of a Boy Soldier is a cautionary tale masterly written to acquaint students with the right attitude towards learning. It buttresses the importance of study and seeks to underscore the role of parents and the family in the overall development of the child. It predicts doom for lack of seriousness and reward for hard work”.

This is the only work from a Nigerian writer that focuses on the Education sector with emphasis on being a whistle blower for wrong academic priorities that has taken us offboard while proffering solution and entertaining readers from its military school scenes and family escapades  all in one. It effectively, mirrors family life, polygamy, resolve, resilience, adventure, gallantry, dedication of the military, unequalled disciple and task precision et al
Editing this work was a great experience as it engulfs the editor effortlessly while explaining ‘itself’ boldly. The language style is apt for Anglo-Africans and especially Nigerians as well as poses a great reading excitement for non-Africans. The Author takes his readers through the protagonist’s memory lane without losing them and brings them back to present day , tying the literary technical knots beautifully. The mechanism of foreshadowing was evident from the preliminary chapters as we see Ayorinde Banks, come off as very confident that he had no reasons to panic at the dawning of the secondary school final exams. The writer uses that suspense to explain away the exuberance of the average young school age teen. Especially as he takes us forward into the present as we hear Ayorinde attempting the WAEC exams for the 4th time in a monologue.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Nigeria Radio Awards (NiRA) Debuts

Communication has over the years, come to play such an important role in the society that it has come to
be regarded as the very plank upon which learning, cultural exchange, trade and many other socio and
econo-political relations are hoisted. We have identified radio as our commonest and cheapest means
of communication, which can reach and permeate all strata of society, in spite of class, tongue or belief.

With the goal to promote radio, encourage excellence in the medium and ensure that radio remains
the first choice for marketers, we present to you Nigeria Radio Awards (NiRA).

With radio still at the forefront of media sources utilised by many Nigerians to garner information
and to interact with the world, the Nigeria Radio AwardProject seeks to motivate and recognise
radio stations and organisations to constantly raise the bar in terms of their performance and
general service optimization, with a firm focus on keeping their audience engaged and happy,
by instilling in these stations and individuals a sense of healthy competition that would be
geared towards quality enhancement in their service outputs, whether in terms of News,
Education or Entertainment.

We have chosen to carry out this recognition through honouring Nigeria’s outstanding radio
talent, from in-front-of-the-mic presenters to behind-the-scene producers. By doing so,
we hope to inspire people wishing to enter this dynamic industry to adequately prepare
themselves for the arduous task of quality broadcasting.