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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Who is Jenny Chisom?

Jenny Chisom like she is popularly called is a 2004 graduate of English and Literary studies from Imo State University, Owerri Nigeria and an Alumnus of Pan Atlantic University where she bagged a certificate in Entrepreneurship Management. 
She is an intelligent entrepreneur who has particularly used her English language background to empower herself and others. She is the personality behind the Logos Audibles brand which is a content development, media & publishing support service firm based in Abuja. She is also a partner with Tetrafinesse Creations Ltd, an event management and lifestyle company. Jenny has edited many books and designed many blogs and have received an award for doing same. As a self-taught blogger at www.logosandaudibles.blogspot.com, she has generated readership in over 120 countries and gets an average of 600 hits on her blog per week. 

Jenny is passionate about empowering young people and making sure that written expressions are flawless. A sought-after conference speaker and trainer in her field, Jenny believes that every person has an untapped potential within and so must be respected. With her voracious appetite for reading and getting informed, armed with an excellent acquired Spelling skill, Jenny just likes to be known as an editor. “I read all kinds of scripts, correct mistakes and get paid ” that is the way she defined her job which she loves with a passion.
Jenny is a co-facilitator with Business Day Out training crew, a give-back to society initiative for training young and aspiring entrepreneurs, a Team40 member at the Guardians of the Nation, International, a leadership grooming non-profit and is the initiator/ convener of the LOG-IN workshop for wanna-be bloggers and bloggers alike. Jenny also reads and writes impeccable Igbo language and is looking forward to editing her first Igbo book.

Miss Jenny Chisom

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Logos Audibles partners Grassroot Youth Business Session

Friends join me at the Grassroot Youth Business Session holding in Gwagwalada, Abuja on Saturday 5th of May 2012. Details are on the Ticket above. Catch the convener on facebook with Semiye Michael
Miss Jenny Chisom

Unveiling the African Youths Empowerment Movement

African Youths Empowerment Movement is a youth organization with a driving force to fine-tuning every creative means to fight unemployment and poverty among Nigerians especially the youths via self reliance campaign, skill acquisition training and leadership training programmes. There is an increasing need for individuals to rise and do something. If only we can be bold enough to face these challenges, though, it may take time, but victory is sure.

With the world focusing on the development of Africa and Nigeria as the heart of Africa, African Youths Empowerment Movement is envisioned to mobilize the youths for the needed change.

Areas of activities:

1.           Unemployment

Unemployment is a threat to the future of youths in this country and the rate at which it is increasing is heart breaking. It is sad seeing millions of Nigerian graduates wasting away on our streets due to joblessness. Considering the number of Nigerian retirees who have served their father land with all their strength, but who are now living in penury, one will agree that it is high time we rise to the challenge.

2.           Leadership

Suffice it to say that the concern being expressed in every quarter about the future of this great country, makes giving the right orientation on issues of leadership to the present crop of youths, imperative as this remains the only way through which the future of our great nation can be secured.
FOOT NOTE; our programmes are resourceful in mental re-orientation towards self reliance and building a positive attitude in business creation and management. Our mission is to provide the mental software for CREATIVITY AND HUMAN PRODUCTIVITY.

Larayetan Semiye Michael
Project Coordinator


The Green land project is designed to take advantage of the rich and enormous natural resources of our land for business and wealth creation.

Our land is Green, our land is fertile, our land is rich in minerals and natural resources, our land is full of talents. We inherited a great Nigeria from our fathers. We can’t afford to be wasting away just like that. The government can’t solve all problems. We want Nigerian youths to come up and take responsibility for their lives.

Under this project, AYEM has organized skill acquisition programme on:

·       Cake baking
·       Snack making
·       Hat making
·       Bead making
·       Computer training
·       Fish farming
·         Poultry keeping
·         Product exhibition

Pictorial reports include:
          Exhibition ground of AYEM at the University of Abuja and visit to NTA by AYEM Team.

              AYEM’s activities have been collaborative in form.

   AYEM’s Women Empowerment Training Session

AYEM and her youth development activities also involve a massive public enlightenment programmes both on the Radio and on the Television.

AYEM have also invested in several other seminars like:
1.     Business Mind Training
2.     Post Retirement Business Seminar
3.     Safe Retirement Planning Seminar
4.     Leadership Training Sessions
It has been a long journey of holding on to vision and exercising courage.


AYEM is moving to change the person in individuals. Change is responsive and contagious. If one person changes, he can change ten people. The new found project is the CHANGE INITIATIVE PROJECT.
This project is designed to use the people who have exhibited character and value to impact leadership skill on the youths. This project is tagged: A NIGHT OF 1000 YOUTHS SERIES.

Personalities involved will be branded with the title on each of the series.
This is AYEM.
   Miss Jenny Chisom

Thursday, 12 April 2012

My Governor, Rochas Okorocha to host Dr. Myles Munroe in GOTNI Leadership Summit in Owerri

To ensure you do not miss it, here is the flyer
Attendance is FREE 

There is an exclusive evening session with is N10, 000.00 
Ticket purchase. You can buy at the venue or call
us on 07089893159 to pick it up before Friday evening,
Other details click HERE

To our economic success!!!
Miss Jenny Chisom

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Faces of Nigerian Ladies that have deployed Intellectual Property effectively in business

3 Nigerian Female bloggers, Jenny Chisom (Our blog author), Blossom of the Blcompere brand domiciled at www.blcompere.blogspot.com & www.blcompere.com and also famous blogger queen, Linda Ikeji of www.lindaikeji.blogspot.com have been decorated as Idea police inspectors in the first quarter Idea police Awards. 

Idea Police is an intellectual Property education movement in Nigeria, championing the cause of idea protection and fight against idea theft of any form. 
With the Idea Police Book, this establishment has been making remarkable impact in repositioning the mindset of young Nigerians as well as foreign investors on how to do genuine business in Nigeria.

The Inspector General (IG) of the Idea Police movement, a 28 year- old Intellectual Property researcher while decorating these first award recipients made it clear that ''effectively exchange of intellectual property for cash is what this award commends. This is to discourage young Nigerians from piracy, plagiarism or any form of idea theft''. He made it clear that ''infinite intelligence will always come to the rescue of any creative mind''.

I hereby dedicate this award to all my social media connections include you for the inspiration! Keep reading and contributing. 
From this April, I am enlisted in fighting 'bad ideas' in Nigeria by upholding creativity for our nation's rapid economic development.

Call me on +2347089893157 anytime

Miss Jenny Chisom

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

April Bloggers!!!

Guest Bloggers wanted:


Do you have an educational piece to share?

Your view on any issues?

email it to us at logosandaudibles@gmail.com to become one of our guest bloggers at

www.logosandaudibles.blogspot.com and 2 other blogs.

Please note that we have officially closed our free adverts on our blog.

We thank everyone who have taken time to Follow us and read up our posts over the last 2

years. We also specially appreciate YOU who have taken the extra step to COMMENT on any

of our posts - we celebrate you! We are glad to announce that our blog is presently being

read by people in over 53 countries across the globe and still counting, to advertise your

small business or personality brand with us makes a lot of SENSE. For enquiries or to be

interviewed here, send us an email today.

Happy April y'all.

Miss Jenny Chisom

Check out "Oliver Twist" freestyle by GospelOnDeBeatz, an Abuja Based music producer who is the rave of the moment

GospelOnDeBeatz is an Abuja based music producer/sound engineer with qualifications in Electronic Music Production-SAE-Dubai ( School of Audio Engineering)  Diploma in Audio Engineering-AIA (Audio Institute of America).

Let us have your comments on this! 
Miss Jenny Chisom

My American Embassy Resource part 1 -eJournal USA: Enterprising Women, Thriving Societies

Top of the day to you all! I have started a new section in this blog that I know will benefit us all. They are electronic journals from my American Embassy Resource Centre membership.

This month, we are looking at Entrepreneurship and women in relation to how it builds a society.

Trainer with people using exercise equipment (Courtesy of Bodytech)
Women exercise in a gym in Bogotá, Colombia, part of the fitness chain started by Gigiola Aycardi.
Policymakers and business experts have pitched entrepreneurship to women as a way to realize their aspirations and make a good living. Several multinational corporations have programs to promote women entrepreneurs, including Goldman Sachs’ 10,000 Women, Ernst & Young’s Winning Women, Coca-Cola’s 5 BY 20 and Walmart’s Global Women’s Economic Empowerment Initiative. All of this activity begs the question: Is this merely good corporate public relations, or is there actually a business case for women’s entrepreneurship?
Study after study has shown that the economic empowerment of women leads to poverty alleviation. As countries’ economic output grows, the range of options for women to contribute to the economy expands. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, citing economists, said that “women’s increased participation in the global labor market in the developed world accounted for a greater share of global growth than China’s” over the last decade.

Read more: http://iipdigital.usembassy.gov/st/english/publication/2012/03/20120301150120jezrdna0.1616993.html#ixzz1qxVyQnVT


Let us know how this helped you and kindly share also. Cheers. Happy April

Miss Jenny Chisom