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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Leap Africa launches Job Placement and Internship opportunities in Nigeria

Miss Jenny Chisom

Happy February with Love

This is wishing you all a Pinky-lovey-dovey February. Don't worry, he will propose this month, yes! 

He / She would decide on getting you your long-desired gift this month! 

More February babies are coming,,  best still God is going to give us life and that more abundantly too just like he never fails to do. 

Congratulations ahead!!!

 #pity, if you do not believe in God# You need some attention or better still something lovely this February to let you know that He lives and is closer to you than your skin, no! blood vessels. 

pictures by goodreads.com, and smashingmagazine.com

Miss Jenny Chisom

'Vote for speeches' as Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich emerge campaign case studies

What we say and how we say it matters,  I say this for the umpteenth time! 
In America, it has made a whole difference between politicians who "spin and those who win". The two case studies today are Mitt Romney's campaign style and that of Newt Gingrich. 

Click here to watch the Video and get the full speech-gist.

 Never get it twisted. Communication is everything, both

 vocalised and gestured.

Picture from here

 Miss Jenny Chisom

Blog Author decorated as Idea Police Inspector alongside Linda Ikeji and Blcompere

I  got the news of my award as one of  three female Nigerian bloggers being decorated with the coveted Idea Police Inspector badge just  this afternoon. I got congratulations on facebook and I was wowed when I saw the link here. To think that there is an award for rewarding talents for effectively exchanging intellectual property for cash is brilliant. Who said Nigerians are not thinking? The award is by Idea Police movement and was authenticated today by the Idea Police Inspector General, himself. The best part for me is that I was decorated with my blogger-inspiration Linda Ikeji and an Abuja based blogger, author and renowned compere Blossom. Now, I feel like I haven't done much..meanwhile some documentaries are in the cooking, did I tell you? #winks# just watch this space for more on that and how you, yes YOU can be part of it. I dedicate this award to you, my blog reader and others. What a great way to end the first month of 2012. This is my year. Thank you Jesus! I Love youu!

cc: Linda IkejiGoogleBlcompereIdea Police
Miss Jenny Chisom

Friday, 27 January 2012

Linda Ikeji is the Biggest Entertainment Blogger in Nigeria, endorsed by the American Embassy

Linda Ikeji, a Lagos bred smart and hardworking model turned blogger has been named the "Biggest Entertainment Blogger" in Nigeria. She opened up on this herself after a trip to the American Embassy for a Visa, where an embassy official who was "wowed" by her profile after taking time to google her, had to give her more favours than she had anticipated. Click here for full gist.

Miss Jenny Chisom

Photo Speaks: Amara Kanu's (Kanu Nwankwo's wife) 25th Birthday and Graduation photos from 2011

Congratulations to the Kanu's family. Awesome 4!

Pictures and more from Linda's blog
Miss Jenny Chisom

IDEA POLICE -The Book, now on sale in Nigeria

This is one book I need every Nigerian to read, then every other national. 

It is one tool too many.

Just like the title suggests it is everything you've been needing to know from Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents, Traditional knowledge and Know-how and lots more. It's such a creative piece yet so educating. A product of over 4 years of research by a 28 year- old Nigerian researcher.  This book is an eye opener to branding for Nigeria entrepreneurs, trade registration and protection of intellectual property at all levels. 

This book is the answer to piracy in Nigeria! The researcher's approach to educating the world about Nigeria's Intellectual property protection and rights is very commendable and has come in timely for Nigeria.

Written by Nigerian award winning Intellectual Property researcher, writer and blogger, Ezekwesili Nnaemeka Nnam.

To book for copies email us at logosandaudibles.blogspot.com for N3, 750 (Three thousand, seven hundred and fifty naira) only.

posted by Miss Jenny Chisom

Nneka & Isaac Moses of Goge Africa Hosts Valentine Retreat

This admirably beautiful multiple award winning couple are hosting lovers to a Valentine retreat 
at Accra Ghana. It's a get-away treat for 2  luxurious nights on an exclusive resort on Africa's coastline.
 2 nights accommodation
Romantic buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner
Treatment to full body massage
Candle lit dinner
Fresh flowers
Local & International transportation and lots more
Date is 17th -19th February 2012

By Air - Couple - N215, 000
          Single - N110, 000

By Road - Couple -N145, 000
Single- N75, 000

For more details call 08186002004 or email tours@gogeafrica.tv

Pix source here
posted by Jenny Chisom

House on the Rock, the Makurdi Fortress hosts AJUWAYA special

It's SPECIAL Invitation to NYSC members especially in Benue state as the House on the Rock
Church, Makurdi hosts them to a welcome service for batch C corps members and a valedictory thanksgiving service for Batch A corps members.

 Date is Sunday 29th Jan. 2012, 8am.
Venue: Empire Suites, David Mark Bye pass, High level.
Ministering are Pastor Abel Uloko , the NCCF choir and the Yaddah company.
Don't miss out!
posted by Jenny Chisom


LIZALPHIL in collaboration with Grace Ladder Inc. is holding a marriage improvement workshop titled, This Slavery called Marriage.

Marriage is many things to many people. Because marriage is a cultural and societal relationship it can have different meanings even to people in the same marriage. However, each marriage is unique and no two marriages are the same. Many married people make the mistake of living their marriages according to a preconceived template. As a result of this many marriages today are just a struggle and spouses are barely happy. For many people marriage is fast becoming slavery; a situation that you do not like but cannot exit from. This should not be and the trend needs to be reversed.

The workshop will be facilitated by an American trained Marriage, Family and Relationships Counsellor with many years counselling experience in the USA. We assure you that after this workshop, with your help your marriage will become that beautiful relationship you have only imagined.

We bring you this workshop with the purpose of achieving three objectives:
1. That you would be able to, going forward, understand your own marriage and not just marriages, and then be able to see your marriage from your spouse?s point of view.
2. That you will learn skills that will radically improve your marriage and be able to apply them to create the happiness that you desire.
3. That you and your spouse will have fun and learn fun ways of dealing with future problems and thus create a wholesome environment in your family.
Date: Saturday, 4th February 2012
Time: 9am to 4pm
Venue: Lizalphil Training Room
Suite 30/31 Silla Zeka Plaza
29 Adebayo Adedeji Crescent
(Behind Peace Mass Transit)
Utako District, Abuja

Topics to be covered include:
o Emotional Intimacy
o The Marriage Game
o Conflict Management
o Customer Service for your Spouse

Workshop fee: N15,750.00 (VAT inclusive) per participant or N26,250.00 (VAT inclusive) for a couple. This covers course tuition, materials, tea and lunch.
Spaces are very limited and applications will be treated on first come first served basis.
For any enquiries call our customer care on 09 872 5072 and 08054969841. Go to here for details.

posted by Jenny Chisom

Life, Love and Other mysteries...my experience

After having a session of discussion with a ‘weird’ friend of mine about love, life and other mysteries (Point of Grace), i became happier than i had been throughout today. This friend of mine is so weird for me because for the first time ever I truly love a man but can’t marry him! Purely his verdict not mine oo. Before you start out at me, let me officially state that i have retired from breaking hearts).lol!

Bottomline is, I just have a sneaky feeling that this Valentine is going to be my best ever so my resolve to enjoy it! 2012 valentine - unforgettable, that is what i have tagged it! 

Meanwhile I have got 2 and half invitations already, one from Goge Africa and another White valentine right from my church. 

Talking about my church , it’s one place I love to be, more because the system caters not just for my spiritual life but for everything good my “system” needs. You guess, we always have a singles night-out-themed valentine bash every year and this year we are going WHITE! 

Yes it’s white valentine at House on The Rock, Abuja single and mighty valentine bash 5pm 11 Feb. and I’m so going to rock it since my prince charming may just be attending too.. winks winks.

You may be wondering which invitation is the half, it's this just-for-married-couples seminar being hosted in Abuja by a lifestyle company & my friend, an American trained married counsellor. In order to learn, i may just be attending as an usher or chaperon, whatever, just to be part of it. Meanwhile, it's on the 4th of February,  pre- valentine.

Signing off,  I invite you all particularly to first wake up and work, see valentine approaching and then foresee 2012 rushing almost to a quarter. 

Live life, value your relationships and enjoy love this valentine and always.

posted by Jenny Chisom

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Nigerian born - UK bred 23 year old Quadruplets graduate from Warwick University same day

Fabulous foursome! (Left to right) Tolu, Toks, Temi and Tobi have walked away with degrees and City jobs

While making my blog rounds this morning on Linda's blog, i came across these Nigerian born- Britain bred Quadruplets- who just graduated from the same university(Warwick, UK). They have been living in UK since they were 7 years old and having a business man Nigerian father, they also gravitated towards studying management courses and Manufacturing, wow, they are so amazing. From left is Tolu, Toks, Temi and Tobi. Did i mention that they did not just walk away with degrees but with City jobs in the UK too?

I also read that they were in Nigeria 2 years ago and are completely well mannered and great company to be with. For me, i totally 'envy' their parents, because i also want quadruplets but they must come in two batches  of 3 years apart - twins twice i mean. #winks#

To read more about them and see them as babies and children click here

posted by Jenny Chisom

PRIZEMARK - a laser print shop in Abuja, Nigeria

I walked into this exquisite laser print shop at Silverbird Abuja and i couldn't leave in a hurry. It was pure delight to see all shapes and sizes of marble engraved within with 3D drawing of any picture or natural idea you can think of. Seated on top of glowing light made it more real. It means i can engrave my picture, my company logo etc in marble amd have it sit on coloured light in my office purchased right here in Abuja, Nigeria.

Because i know what you like to know and read about, i sure got snap shots and have an address and  contact of this newyear discovery of mine. Thanks to my blogger friend Ezekwesili, Chima, Nigerian Education researcher and our host during that trip, renowned Nigerian illustrator and 3D modeller - the man behind the inscriptions in those marbles in that shop David Ella. This shop is called PRIZEMARK!

This year is amazing and trust me we shall all succeed early this year.

posted by Jenny Chisom

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A personal message to president Jonathan by Dolapo Abimbola

Dear Mr President,

I had a dream yesterday that I ran into you at a function and somehow we got talking on the removal of fuel subsidy and you listened to me. I have decided to tell you again in real life.

Like every Nigerian, I’m saddened and frightened by the present crisis in Nigeria because we can only determine the beginning of protests such as these, we cannot predict the end.

Here’s my message:

If it is true that we can no longer fund fuel subsidy, then you should have done your home work properly before implementing it. You are governing humans, not animals, so Ngozi Okonjo Iweala,  Deizani and other advisers should have done a proper SWOT analysis of this policy and weighed the pros and cons. If this had been done thoroughly, the implementation of this policy would have been more strategic and effective. It is unwise to have thought that Nigerians wont have gone into a frenzy the way you went about it knowing fully well that there are no results from the already deregulated Diesel and kerosene. Then again, you decided to choose New year's Day - That was insensitive especially because we are still running the 2011 budget, why the hurry?

This is what I told you in my dream:

Nigerians are undoubtedly aggrieved and very angry, I advise that the first step is for Mr President to come out again ( let Abati write a good speech) address Nigerians tonight and announce the reversal of pump price to 65 naira to calm the situation and ease the minds of the people. (This is what a servant leader should do, the poilty is boiling). Mr President should tell Nigerians that being a leader who is sensitive to the voice of his people, he would always yield to their call, he will do their wish. You should  then go ahead to reiterate that the removal of fuel subsidy is the way forward for Nigeria and apologize for not communicating well enough before taking the decision. You should then tell us that from now till the end of march( when the 2011 budget will expire), the public will be  thoroughly educated on the reason for removal of fuel subsidy with full facts and accurate figures. Sir, from my little knowledge, and i' m not an economist, there’s no Blueprint, no Implementation Plan on how the savings from the removal of subsidy will be spent. There are no specifics, just figures. Let your advisers come out with solid, well broken down presentations and charts. This should be properly drafted, published and every Nigerian should have access to that document. 

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The most touching response to Mr. president's speech of Jan 7, 2012 by Abbey Shonubi

My response to GEJ's speech last night.

Mr. President, I read the transcript of your speech last night. You used words we have all come to expect. But, how many of your audience know that the basic salary of civil servants and political appointees is too low and relatively immaterial.

That 25% cut in basic is a sham and not far-reaching enough. That the major cost areas are in overheads and official corruption; Mr. President you just glossed over those and issued vague directives to curb overheads and official corruption. 

Mr. President, each of the over 370 members of the NASS, on average, costs us N240m annually to maintain. That is over N900bn. How much do other countries spend on their NASS? Sacrifice is powerful when it concerns important pleasures and not mundane ones. When it is costly and not cheap... as in the sacrifice of life. You approved an increase of over 100% on a very important product and have not made sacrifices yourself. 

My President's speech on the gains of Fuel Subsidy removal

What is wrong with this speech?  It has been bringing a lot of  reactions!

Dear Compatriots: 1. A week ago, I had cause to address Nigerians on the security challenges we are facing in parts of the country, which necessitated the declaration of a state of emergency in 15 Local Government Areas in four states of the Federation. That course of action attracted widespread support and a demonstration of understanding. With that declaration, government had again signaled its intention to combat terrorism with renewed vigour and to assure every Nigerian of safety.

2. The support that we have received in the fight against terrorism from concerned Nigerians at home and abroad has been remarkable. We believe that it is with such continued support that progress can be made on national issues. Let me express my heartfelt appreciation to everyone who has expressed a commitment to support us as we strive to improve on the country’s security situation, and build a stronger foundation for the future. The recent mindless acts of violence in Gombe, Potiskum, Jimeta-Yola and Mubi are unfortunate. I urge all Nigerians to eschew bitterness and acrimony and live together in harmony and peace. Wherever there is any threat to public peace, our security agencies will enforce the law, without fear or favour. 

Happy NewYear and Nigeria's Fuel Subsidy removal clash

I have watched and seen the saga and huge loss of lives that has characterised the Nigeria of today. As we were trying to guess whether it is wisdom to go to church or any park where people gather for various activities due to the December 25th and Dec 31st 2011 bomb blasts which destabilised things in various parts of Northern Nigeria came the fuel subsidy removal. These actions has left so many people reacting and I must say thinking too. I just hope that the era of Corruption and docility of Nigerian citizens will take a remedial turn. I hope young Nigerians like me are awake and refusing to be bought. I hope that more Nigerians can rise up and defend this nation, whether at the polls or at sensitive times like these. I really think we must think and move beyond just OCCUPYing NIGERIA to OCCUPYing our MINDS. We must 'think' for our government, and help them implement too. Reverting to the former pump price of N65 is NOT just want we need but total utilisation of the resources allocated for infrastructural development over the years. It has been protest after protests (night & day) in Abuja where I reside and I have a few of the day-time protest pictures here to share. Meanwhile, as we holiday and strike, the world watches on. We must deliver our Future!
Nigeria must be GREAT!
Let's Occupy Our Minds!
Thanks to Paulukonu photography

See more pictures