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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Sheun -David Onamusi's Knowing Your Game

      Hello peeps! We apologise for not featuring our weekly authors as prompt as always. Here we come with a bang, another Nigerian writer that is prodding us all to do something " Know our game' . For Sheun it's our 'call' individually to find that out. Savour his interview!

Y  Your book ‘Knowing your game’ has been on the radar recently, can you tell Logos Audibles blog (LAB) about yourself?

My name is Sheun – David Onamusi I was born in Nigeria, spent my early teenage years in Lagos, until I moved to the UK. I like to call myself a ‘go-getter’ who loves to achieve prescribed goals for an upward mobility towards making a positive impact in my generation. My deepest desire is to use every God-given potential in service to humanity. I currently serve as the Regional Manager of T.M. Lewin, North of Nigeria operations. I also run my own Marketing Company called Dapper Target Marketing focused on helping small and medium size retail companies achieve excellence through their marketing and customer service. On an annual basis, I run a youth empowerment conference in London through a group called Redefined, with the objective of inspiring young people to take active roles in business, politics and entertainment for the greater goal of pioneering changes in their community.

2.      How was growing up for you and how much have you travelled?

Growing up for me was a lot of fun. Although I never met my biological father until I was fifteen years old, my guardian and mother made sure I was surrounded with love. I was fondly called ‘omoiyaoni chin chin’ meaning the child of the woman who sells chin chin. My grand aunt used to sell chin chin(fried crunchy snack made with pastry). She made me go to the market at the age of nine all by myself to buy the ingredients needed for the chin chin as well as other items to be sold from the front of the house. This helped me to be street smart at an early age. I will always remember how excited I got whenever I had the opportunity to negotiate prices. I think my cute face helped all the time as well. How much have I travelled? A number of states in Nigeria, the UK and Ghana.

3.      What inspired your work of art and tell us if you have previous books published.

This is my first publication and my inspiration was as a result of a few things. One major inspiration I had was from a conversation I had with one of my most precious mentors, Deacon Aluko. I detailed the conversation in the book; he inspired me to write this book and share the importance of people truly knowing their purpose.The book wassupposed to be chapter one of a book I was working on titled “Keeping a focused life” but as I put pen to paper and continued in my research, I felt it was crucial to highlight factors that help in knowing your purpose.

4.      How long did it take you to write this particular book and get it published?

The writing took a little over a year but the editing and publishing makes it a 5year piece of art.

5.      To what extent can you say your personality and or experience is reflected in your work?

Well, I have been told over and over again by readers, that they can see me all over the work. My style of writing is very conversational; this was almost an issue because grammatical constructions vary from writing to speaking. There are certain colloquies you can’t really share in a book targeted at thinking people. However I was able to maintain my personal style of speaking in my writing.

Read more and see picture of the book launch after the cut

Boko Haram takes resonsibility for UN house bombing

Boko Haram has claimed responsibility for a bomb attack on the UN headquarters in Nigeria that killed 23 people, demanding the release of prisoners and an end to a security crackdown to prevent further bombings.
The sect, which has been behind almost daily shootings and attacks with homemade bombs in the remote northeast, was the prime suspect of Friday's car bomb on the United Nations' Abuja office -- one of deadliest attacks on the world body in its history.
"We are responsible for the bomb attack carried out on the UN building in Abuja," a Boko Haram spokesman calling himself Abu Kakah told local journalists in a statement over the weekend.
The bomb gutted a lower floor, smashed almost all of the building's windows and wounded 76 people, UN officials said. The driver was killed in what could be Nigeria's first suicide bomb attack.
President Goodluck Jonathan has condemned the strike but refused to be drawn on who could have carried it out. (Reuters)

Source: BusinessDay online here

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10 Out- of- Nigeria Restaurants With Spectacular Views

Pull up a seat, sit back, and feast your eyes on the wonders of the world in BT's favorite dining rooms with a view.

Savings-minded travelers may not always be able to spring for the loftiest hillside hotels, but a single meal at a spectacularly situated restaurant can be a worthy splurge. From glacial peaks to ancient rain forests—even an underwater dining room in the Indian Ocean—we've rounded up 12 unforgettable places to pick up a fork.


The untamed Andes from the southern-most city in the world.
You might not expect to find world-class French food in a frontier city that's more or less at the ends of the earth—which makes Chez Manu an even more pleasant surprise. Set on a hill about a mile north of Ushuaia, the capital of Tierra del Fuego and the southern-most city in the world, the restaurant first impresses visitors with its remarkable perspective on Beagle Channel. And then there's the food. Naturally, fish figures prominently—such as black hake, salmon, and herring, to which expat chef Emmanuel Herbin applies his own suitably French twists (seasoning with anise and herbs, say). Also worth a try: Herbin's takes on Patagonian lamb and Fuegian rabbit, served in an aged mustard sauce.

Best Deal: Centolla (king crab) is abundant here, and preparations such as centolla gratinada "Chez Manu" come in well below splurge territory ($24). 2135 Fernando Luís Martial Ave., Ushuaia, Argentina, 011-54/2901-432-253, chezmanu.com, entrées from $15.


Primordial paradise in the midst of the jungle.
Julaymba Restaurant brings travelers right to the heart of the world's oldest rain forest. The 40-seat restaurant's terrace juts out over an ancient freshwater lagoon while tangled vines drape from the canopy above. From every direction, diners hear the sounds of some 430 species of birds, plus tree frogs, wild turkeys, and wallabies thumping through the brush. The distinctly Aussie menu incorporates pepper berries, wattle seeds, and other native foods used by the local aboriginal Kuku Yalanji people, many of whom work in the restaurant. Make like a local, and order either the smoked crocodile or the kangaroo steak.

Best Deal: The lunch-only fish-and-chips special—it's made with local, line-caught barramundi and chips ($17). Daintree EcoLodge & Spa, 20 Daintree Rd., Daintree, Australia, 011-61/7-4098-6100, daintree-ecolodge.com.au, entrées from $29.


Over-the-top architecture in the world's most outrageous city.
For all the glamour, glitz, and grandeur that have come to define Dubai, Pierchic stands out for being just the opposite: understated, low-slung, and vernacular in its architectural style. Its wooden beams blend right in with the simple, 500-foot jetty that connects the over-water dining room to Jumeirah Beach and provides enough distance to take in the man-made Palm Jumeirah Island and the full height of Burj Al Arab's 1,000-foot-tall glass sail. Despite the restaurant's waterfront location, much of its top-notch seafood is imported from around the world.

By Budget Travel Staff
More here

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Monday, 15 August 2011

The Leadership clinic i missed, yesterday

Decision Making

The first major step to being useful in life is to debate on what you want. What you want must not be based on what you studied but rather what you have passion for.
What you want to do may be kicked against by people but if you stick to it, they will soon come over to your side. So you need audacity, confidence and deepened skill to stay on course especially as a leader.

MC Freke

Hon. Linus Okorie said...
Building followership is also critical to building leadership. Your followers determine the Decisions you make. Make decisions you will be responsible for.
Political leadership must be view as a tool for service and not as poverty alleviation vehicle. Therefore put up a structure that can sustain you in and out of office because no hungry man can resist temptation for long

 Another eminent Nigerian, Thelma Ekiyor CEO TY Danjuma Foundation was there and had this to say

Be willing to go through the process
Be Unique
Follow your passion
Be a leader from where you are, don't wait for positions.
Women must make the extra efforts to be outstanding and take up leadership roles
Our schools groom exam takers not leaders, so you find avenues to groom your leadership capital such as GOTNI provides.

 Mrs Ijeoma Nwafor shared this...
Ideas rule the world. Rather than waiting for Jobs, begin now. Think you own ideas, write that business plan.
 Our leaders are exact reflection of ourselves. Until we change or be the change we want, our leaders will always be the same.

Dr. Ejike advised and asked...
Begin to do your strategic vision exercise. Ask yourself in 5 years, ''where do I want be''. What space do I want to occupy?'' 

Participants shared and networked
The Protocol was elegant...

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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Writers' freedom at last!

To help set the stage for one of the world's most prestigious human rights events--presented by literary and human rights organization PEN American Center--GlobalWorks Group was selected to create a documentary on Nasrin Sotoudeh, a writer, lawyer and leader of the women's and children's rights movement in Iran, where she was sentenced this past January to 11 years in prison for, among other things, "acting against national security."

Continue here
More details here

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Ashley Hebert's Final Bachelorette Rose goes to....

Sorry Ben FlajnikAshley Hebert says her heart belongs to JP Rosenbaum!

Find Out Who Earned Ashley Hebert's Final Bachelorette Rose
After both men got down on bended knees to propose to Hebert, 27, in Fiji, she accepted Rosenbaum's emotional proposal on Monday's Bachelorette finale.
First to propose, runner-up Flajnik didn't take rejection lightly. "I'm sorry. I know this was unexpected, and I want you to know this is the hardest thing I've done here. This is not easy," Hebert said as Flajnik, 28, walked away in stunned, angry silence. "You can't leave something like this on good terms. It's not possible," replied Flajnik. "I'm in utter shock and disbelief."
Shaken by his reaction, Hebert was able to regroup and gain her composure when Rosenbaum flew in via helicopter for his big moment.

Details here

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Richard Mofe Damijo's (RMD) 50th Birthday Party

With Wife, Jumobi

RMD who was born on July 6, 1961 had a party to mark his 50th Birthday recently. Have a feel of this Nigerian actor and politician

See more picture here

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Beauty and Brain: Chioma Chukwuka-Akpotha

Chioma Chukwuka-Akpotha
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My best Nigerian TV advert

These ad made the top 10  lists on Nairaland, my best however made it at #2. Yipee....I love (I'm walking on sunshine oh oh oh )

The advert in their numbering are as follows

10 – DETTOL ANTICEPTIC (good health is in our hands)

This AD is educative and makes you want to wash your hands. Nice stuff.

09 – ALWAYS SANITRY PAD (good to go)

This AD landed this spot mostly because of the choreography. The AD as a whole was well done and finished well.

08 – MTN FAMILY AND FRIENDS (husband and wife)

The story line was well played out and we enjoy watching this elderly couple have differences on who they will prefare to be on their family and friends list.

07 – TOM TOM (I gbadun the tom tom)

The fact that they were trying to sell us voice clearity with a guy in the studio doing his thing the Nigerian way is a plus.

06 – PANADOL EXTRA (truck driver)

We love the song and we sing along always. We love the comic relief it brings with it and we laugh each time we watch it. We love this AD and the fact that its being on air for quit a while doesn’t really bother us because we are not yet tired of it.


This AD is not fantastic but people just love it since it started to air recently.


This AD really really make sense and is sure to sell the product. The concept is just unique. You know, I just might ask for toptea if I visit London during winter.

03 – INDOMIE ( mama do good)

What more can we say about this one? Guess children who are happy because they just had indomie makes us happy.

02 – OVALTINE (walking on sunshine)

‘ am walking on sunshine oh oh…, ’ bringing back that Canadian hit song from the 80s is a smart move.

01 – VICKS (speak up Nigeria)

The first impression when you watch this AD for the first time is ‘aaawwwwwww.’ No long story. No unnecessary plots. Cristal clear picture. Superb audio quality. This AD is excellent. Shocked

Top 10 TV ADs

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