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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

You can be the winner of the $70,000 Bastiat Prize for Journalism 2011

Another opportunity for journalists/ writers anywhere in the world to win big. For those that think that writing is a 'broke' profession, then you gotta think twice as Africans are reading and promoting writings as well as encouraging writers. One site that keeps me dumbfounded  with info is at www.writersafrika.blogspot.com and i would love you all to keep a tab on it where this info and others come from.

To imagine that these guys stay up 16 hours daily updating this site twice a day in order to keep Afrika ahead naturally is commendable. Kudos to the Writers afrka team!

Details on how to enter to win the $70, 000 prize when you click on read more and follow the link

Write 5 poems in honour of President Goodluck Jonathan and win BIG!!!

There's a call for submission for an anthology of poems in honour of the Nigeria's President. These must centre around 1. His personality 2. Niger Delta 3. Educational policy 4. Bayelsa state and 5. Nigeria. Deadline for submission is 31st July 2011. For details about submission and contacts read more

Prof. Onuekwusi's timeless advice to Children writers

Being tutored by a great Nigerian and a gracious literary Icon is a prize i would never take for granted.
As i researched about what my Head of Department (HOD), English & Literary Stuies department Imo State University, Owerri, has been up to since after i graduated in 2004, i found a timeless feature on him in far back 2007. I coldn't help but re-publish an advice from the renowned Professor Onuekwusi.

The Author of such classics as ' A son among daughters', 'The triumphant return and other stories', and many others.This is some of what he has to say about authors and literary artists in particular after the jump.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Lightheart services can change your life forever...

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Myne whitman rekindles her love for...A must read

A must read from one of Nigerians best romance authors. Get a copy! Click the purchase site on Iqrabooks iqrabooks

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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Stand-up comedy turn sour: Obama's impersonator Reggie brown loses the stage undone

What is wrong with his speech? cLICK HERE to read what he said and what happened to his 'comedy career'

Meanwhile, notice how well paying (possibly) comedy can be. This man occupies the office of the Comedic impersonator of the President of the USA being Obama's latest Look alike as well. I like!

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Would Syria join the list of countries at risk of becoming the Next 'Libya?

Following the televised speech by the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad some hours ago about the Unrest and massacre of protesters, it is feared that Syria is at risk of becoming another Libya as thousands of their citizens have taken refuge in nearby Turkey. Let me know what you think about the President's address and what lesson can you draw from all these Chaos all around the world? 

The speech analyis by BI when you click here http://www.businessinsider.com/assad-speech-wednesday-march-30-2011-3

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Jane Ogbe (Nigeria) emerges 3rd place in Miss World Cup 2011

I'm particularly excited because this time this lady is my personal friend. With this being her last contest (she wrote on facebook) then i need to applaud her for coming this far. One model, that is exceptional. 
Looking pretty

This former Miss International and contestant in so many national and international pageant including Queen of the world 2009 has indeed carved her niche in the modelling industry. She also owns her modeling agency Joley Agency in Nigeria. This Icon is a singer, coach and style diva.

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First HIV cure recorded- Timothy Ray Brown is totally cured

It's amazing how easily impossible thing are getting possible. Newest on such occurencies is the first total cure of a 45 year old Berlin patient afte being diagnosed with HIV in 1995. Details click after the jump

Monday, 20 June 2011

Olawumi Heavens

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Olawumi Heavens steps out with Stylitude and Divatitude

This is the unedited first part chat with the Stylitude and Divatitude entrepreneur who keeps you asking for more when she speaks- Olawumi Buraimoh Heavens. The blog author, Jenny Chisom was received into her the cosy 2 colour-blended ambience of her sitting room in Abuja where this entrepreneur and top-notch presenter whose vocal poise is cushioning and aptly fits any broadcast platform opened up on her personality. This is at the heels of her come-back to TV where she currently presents VIBES on NTA Entertainment channel- StarTimes. Mentioning her event Management company of over 8 years which she has grown into an enigmatic brand - The Classy Touch events Ltd, also has operational offices in Abuja, Lagos and Johannesburg, South Africa. This wife and mother of one, Olawumi steps out in her style and that attitude she emits especially when speaking in public:

1.       Favourite perfume:  
Any Vanilla fragrance
2.      Beauty product can’t do without:
3.      Most memorable moment :
The first time my husband sang for me on the road
4.      Won’t be caught dead wearing:
 Crossed -frame eye glasses
5.      Shoes she loves :
Platforms and comfortable flat shoes irrespective of designer
6.      Bags she loves :
 Chanel bags
7.      She just loves :
Being on TV and ecstatic about events
8.     Fondest memories of childhood:
Riding a virtual Power-bike at Frank Kids
9.      Nigerian designer she admires:
Lanre de Silva –Ajayi
10.  Her guilt pleasure:
Chocolate chips & hazel nut ice cream
11.   Describe yourself in 3 words:
Spiritual, Creative and Innovative
12.  Favourite musician:
 TY Bello
13.  Songs she can’t have enough of :
The land is green

Olawumi and daughter

14.  Favourite TV programme:
Whose wedding is it anyway?
15.   Favourite actors:
Will Smith & Genevieve Nnaji
16.  Favourite holiday spot:
17.   She likes to eat:
Gravy, Cabbage, Peas & Rice
18.  Favourite magazines:
Wedding planner & Genevieve Magazine
19.  Favourite author:
Mike Murdock
20. Words or phrases you most overuse:  
Terrible!, Stylitude, Divatitude
21.  Trait you most deplore in yourself:  
Over-analysis of situations and things
22. Trait you most deplore in others :
Deceit & hypocrisy
23. If not living in Nigeria, you would be living in:
Anywhere God leads
24. Personal Motto :
Do unto others what you want done to you
25.  Most treasured possession:
26. Talent/ skill you wish you had:
Acrobatic skill
27.Educational background: Mary Magdalene Nur/ Pry School Lagos
-          Lagos State Model College, Lagos
-          Lagos State University
-  Junior Chamber International University, Benin Republic

28. Classy Touch Events Ltd
-          Event management
-          Consultation
-          Coordination
-          Styling

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Friday, 17 June 2011

Thursday, 16 June 2011

It's Business day-Out every Wednesday in Abuja: Are you aware?

Hi Peeps! This entrepreneurship training takes place This Wednesday in Abuja Hotel Rosebud, 33 Gimbiya street by 4.30pm. This training was conceived and is currently facilitated by 6 entrepreneurs since November 2010. This is the 2nd season and it's a week gone. You have the chance to join for the next 7 classes and be on your way to building a world-class brand. Surprisingly, this training is FREE and is in a cosy environment. if you need to be picked up from your office, you can get that service and more...

i wonder why this training has been FREE. The 6 facilitators are all young and below the age of 35. Awesome! 
Enquiries: call 08033013519, 07089893159

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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Entrepreneurs speak!

Watch this space as we introduce our 'Entrepreneurs' speak' as one of Nigeria's finest  and most eloquent entrepreneurs in the Event Mgt. Business bares it all on lifestyle and how she acquired that vocal poise that can keep you listening to her regardless of time! Featuring this weekend!

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So much said about Human Trafficking!! Na wa Festival debuts

Monday the 13th of June marked the first day in the 10-day outing of the Nawa festival spearheaded by EXIT an Austrian based Civil Society Organisation in collaboration with the European Union, United Nations, Nollywood, NAPTIP and others. This event  which was co-sponsored by the EU to the tune of N150 Million Naira as disclosed by the Head of Delegation to Nigeria, Mr. David Mcrae, was well attended and documentaries well researched.

I was at a press conference to flag off the 2 day event in Abuja and had a first hand opportunity to savour the perks of such an awareness of a most dehumanising trade- Human trafficking. However, the NAWA festival team moves to Edo on the 15th -17th of June and finally to Lagos on the 18th -21st June 2011.

If you have time, attend and watch particularly the reality of forced labour and prostitution that Nigerians are subjected to and further begin to do something about this advocacy. 
Details at www.nawafestival.org

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Ready Writers Consults

The Ready Writers Consult offers you and your organisation premium professional services in:

- Research; 
- Writings; 
- Ghost-writing; 
- Transcribing; 
- Translations; 
- Business Documents; 
- Book/Magazine 
- Copy Editing; 
- Rewriting; 
- Film Editing; 
- Proofing; and 
- Training.

Contact details:
(Beside Caleb University)


HOTLINES: +234 (01) 8536639, 08191166820-9

Availing You Time To Do More...

Friday, 3 June 2011

What to do just before you start proposal writing

A lot of proposals go bad in the very first sentence. When you are staring at a blank screen, the first few critical moments determine what comes out when you start writing. How should you approach the first few words of your proposal?  What should you say to get started?  How do you get off to the right start so that you end up with a winning proposal instead of an endless cycle of re-writes?
Find out what you should do in the first critical moments before you start proposal writing

I thought to share this from my email subscription, you'd be amazed at how much you can get. Go ahead and check out the full gist at www.captureplanning.com. 
Say you got it from this blog.

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The Book 'Memoirs for Young Entrepreneurs' Still on sale

Memoirs for Young Entrepreneurs

This book that teaches time-tested entrepreneurship truth in stories is ideal for Africa and Nigerians particularly.
It was published in Dec. 2010 by one of Nigeria's finest writers and artiste, Okey Azubuike.
It's a must-read and goes for only $10 for paperback format and $5 for e-book format.
You can grab a copy by clicking on the link attached here. Edited, packaged and published by Logos Audibles. On sale in i-proclaim bookstores U.S.A.
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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Why do we have to go to school at the expense of acquiring skill in business or work

Hi friends,
Welcome to June! I feel something really impressive about this new month. It will unwrap a lot of
new revitalised occurences especially for Nigeria as a country.

I had a heated discussion with my Mum yesterday and it gave me some insights..
Especially in Nigeria, we often are asked to study at the expense of knowing what to do to make money. even our mates who do are made to look like they are unserious or better still do not have sponsors.
We swim in this euphoria that we are just students only to be confronted by the harsh reality that we are
non-functional economically as soon as we graduate.

I thought that maybe why Developed nations are great is because, they've been able to bridge the gap between education and having economic value by encouraging vacation/ student jobs etc

Also when i imagine having to pause my education at least in a bit because i have to get a regular job, i wonder if we were born to earn a living by 'losing our life' morgaging our holidays, life, family, strength etc

Just my thoughts, what do you think?

Feel free to comment. Goodmorning!

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