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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Sheun -David Onamusi's Knowing Your Game

      Hello peeps! We apologise for not featuring our weekly authors as prompt as always. Here we come with a bang, another Nigerian writer that is prodding us all to do something " Know our game' . For Sheun it's our 'call' individually to find that out. Savour his interview!

Y  Your book ‘Knowing your game’ has been on the radar recently, can you tell Logos Audibles blog (LAB) about yourself?

My name is Sheun – David Onamusi I was born in Nigeria, spent my early teenage years in Lagos, until I moved to the UK. I like to call myself a ‘go-getter’ who loves to achieve prescribed goals for an upward mobility towards making a positive impact in my generation. My deepest desire is to use every God-given potential in service to humanity. I currently serve as the Regional Manager of T.M. Lewin, North of Nigeria operations. I also run my own Marketing Company called Dapper Target Marketing focused on helping small and medium size retail companies achieve excellence through their marketing and customer service. On an annual basis, I run a youth empowerment conference in London through a group called Redefined, with the objective of inspiring young people to take active roles in business, politics and entertainment for the greater goal of pioneering changes in their community.

2.      How was growing up for you and how much have you travelled?

Growing up for me was a lot of fun. Although I never met my biological father until I was fifteen years old, my guardian and mother made sure I was surrounded with love. I was fondly called ‘omoiyaoni chin chin’ meaning the child of the woman who sells chin chin. My grand aunt used to sell chin chin(fried crunchy snack made with pastry). She made me go to the market at the age of nine all by myself to buy the ingredients needed for the chin chin as well as other items to be sold from the front of the house. This helped me to be street smart at an early age. I will always remember how excited I got whenever I had the opportunity to negotiate prices. I think my cute face helped all the time as well. How much have I travelled? A number of states in Nigeria, the UK and Ghana.

3.      What inspired your work of art and tell us if you have previous books published.

This is my first publication and my inspiration was as a result of a few things. One major inspiration I had was from a conversation I had with one of my most precious mentors, Deacon Aluko. I detailed the conversation in the book; he inspired me to write this book and share the importance of people truly knowing their purpose.The book wassupposed to be chapter one of a book I was working on titled “Keeping a focused life” but as I put pen to paper and continued in my research, I felt it was crucial to highlight factors that help in knowing your purpose.

4.      How long did it take you to write this particular book and get it published?

The writing took a little over a year but the editing and publishing makes it a 5year piece of art.

5.      To what extent can you say your personality and or experience is reflected in your work?

Well, I have been told over and over again by readers, that they can see me all over the work. My style of writing is very conversational; this was almost an issue because grammatical constructions vary from writing to speaking. There are certain colloquies you can’t really share in a book targeted at thinking people. However I was able to maintain my personal style of speaking in my writing.

Read more and see picture of the book launch after the cut

6.      In 3 sentences, what is your message to the world through your writings?

My message to the world is that knowledge is a mental thing, while ‘Knowing’ is a spiritual thing. One must experience his/her ‘game’ spiritually up to the point where such a person is fully convinced he/she was born to play that ‘game’. Your ‘Game’ is what you were born to do and the best place to preserve it is in your spirit where no man can touch.

7.      Which author(s) have influenced your writings so far?

John Maxwell, Dr. Myles Munroe, Lee Strobel, Napoleon Hill and the historical writers in the Judaeo-Christian scriptures.

8.      In what formats can we get your book? 

Hard Copy Print and e-book (pdf format)

9.      Who are your publishers and how can you appraise them in relation to birthing your dream and adding value?

The book was self-published. However the support from my printers and editors was exceptional, they were very patient every step of the way.

What can you can say about Logos Audibles services that help writers with editing, proofreading, transcription, subtitling etc as well as our campaign to help authors produce their work in audio as well. Do you think it would encourage writing as well as the reading culture in Nigeria?

I believe encouraging writing and reading culture in any society should be applauded. To know that Logos Audible Services prides itself in this area is exceptional and deserves credit for being pioneers of such creativity. I believe the company will not only encourage writing but will transform the lives of many through their outlined objectives.

1   Where can we purchase your book (s) in Nigeria and abroad?

The book can be purchased in Abuja, Nigeria at Pen & Pages, Wuse2. You can also purchase it via my personal website www.sheundavidonamusi.comFREE delivery within the UK and postage fees applies for any other country when ordered online.

1   Which other books have you published and what are we to watch out for?

As previously mentioned, this is my first book. I have done a number of write ups for magazines, news bulletins, online articles and publish blogs on a monthly basis. My next book is a 16weeks writing project starting from September 2011, the concept is to deliver inspirational writing using Yoruba language proverbs as exemplified through fictional/real stories. The book will cover four areas, Financial, Lifestyle, Family and Professional. These four areas were extracted from my signature 7 areas of fulfilment which I use in life coaching sessions.

1     What can you say have been your major challenges in publishing your books so far?

My biggest challenge was the cost of publishing a book. I had to shop around for best prices. Another challenge was quality. It was difficult getting exceptional quality prints in Nigeria, as I wanted to encourage printing in Nigeria as opposed to the regular international prints that seem to flood the country.

1      What is your view about self-publishing?

Self publishing can be very demanding however the satisfaction and fulfilment you get from it is liberating.

1     What do you say to budding writers and your readers in general?

I will encourage budding writers to keep making an impact in their world through creative writings. It’s easy to forgo one’s creative ability for a cheap imitation of existing works but what makes each reader unique is his/her individuality and creativity, this should never be sacrificed on the altar of profitability or fame. For Readers, all I have to say is that, knowledge opens up doors for greatness. Keep reading and applying wisdom in your everyday living.

1    Do you have anything to say that you’ve been longing to communicate to your world? Go ahead.

I strongly believe that in a world full of chaos, heartbreaks and disappointments it is easy to not dream or even do something with the dreams in us. It is easy to fall into the trap of complacency. Your world needs you and there is something you have that the world desperately needs, you must serve it to the world. Desire purpose above fame or fortune; Purpose is what made you necessary and you are still breathing because there is a purpose for your existence. Spread love and not hate. Give back to your world, a giving hand is always on top.

 Thanks a great deal Sheun!

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