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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

During the session

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Spelling helps for the 21st century Nigerian
Fair or not, your spelling skills are used throughout your life to evaluate you as a person. Several months ago the results of a study of Fortune 500 human resource employees were published, saying that of the people they had interviewed, some 85% threw away a resume or cover letter that had as little as one or two spelling errors.

The logic was, if you didnt care enough about your application to make sure everything was spelt correctly, then you couldnt be trusted to care enough about your job where a tiny spelling error might undo an important business deal or cost the company money

But what if you’re a reasonably intelligent person with a fairly good sense of writing style who, for one reason or another, just doesn’t spell very well? How do you improve your spelling, without going back to elementary school and sitting through four or five grades in English class again? There are books and lists of commonly misspelt words available, but they’re too overwhelming to be very useful. Looking things up in the dictionary isn’t all that helpful if you don’t know already that you don’t know how to spell something — or if you can’t spell it well enough to find it!


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Business day-Out Introduction for this module

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Communicate what you Mean

Communication is everything. We do it consciously or unconsciously. We communicate verbally, with signals, gestures and even with Silence. As important as communication is, even more important are the elements that make it possible which are usually CODES.  CODES can be Pneumonic, Phonetic or action (non-verbal) but all in all these codes must be shared and understood by both parties relating. The Giver (writer, speaker, actor) must use codes mutually understood by the Recipient (Reader, Listener or Viewer).

English language is one of such body of communication with its peculiar structure and codes. Particularly as Nigerians, this language and its adaptation the Pidgin are our only mutual languages of communication. These languages (taking Pidgin as a whole language, which it is) are the only reason we are still bonded together as a nation. They are the only reason we can still do businesses and live at peace. So i am an advocate of ‘Nigerians must speak English correctly’  We are here to explore the basic things we ignore or overlook in our day to day communications in order to maximise our productivity and build international brands.

We are also going to concern ourselves with the methods, practical  steps towards getting fully equipped with Business English composition that would aid our career, skill and profession.

We are here to salvage our Media and broadcasting industry, PR, Marketing and sales, Journalism, Education, Politics, and indeed every sphere of our economic and human endeavour. Particularly as we are a new breed of leaders who must do things properly, we must stop complaining and draw from within ourselves and contribute to save our nation for which our children are being born into.


Our 12 weeks module would take this skeletal frame

Week 1
-          English proficiency test
-         Communicate what you mean
-         Course outline

Week 2
-         Dictation
-         Tests
-         Proofreading challenge
-         Communication essential 1- spelling

Week 3 Communication essentials 2
Introduction to 3 way communications
-         The art of Writing
-         The art of Speaking
-         The art of Acting

Week 4  Communication essentials 3
-         Feedback
-         The art of listening
-         Reading

Week 5  Business writing  1
-         How to write that winning proposal
Week 5 Business writing 2
-         Cover letter
-         Sales letter

Week 5 Business Writing 3
-         Business Plan vs  Marketing Plan

Week 6 Speaking English in public

Week 7 Public Speaking 2

-         The Art of reading
-         Feedback management
-         Perception

Week 8 Use of the Past tense, past participle and the plural

Week 10 Know your English proficiency in English

Week 11 Handling English as a second language
-         Accent reduction
-         Transliteration

Week 12 Presentations and Work plans

At the end of this course you should be able to rate your English language proficiency and watch it improve. You must have been able to appreciate every form of communication and maximise the  people in your life. You  must also have had a mental creative template for developing winning writings, compositions during speaking and mean your  actions as well. Knowing  language rules and mastering them. Then for individuals with a knack for the expression and performance arts professions, you must have been inducted into the world of words and act that will change our world and make you an international brand. Specialisations and merging  professions, talents/ gifts and occupation into one major product i hope must also have made sense to you. We are happy to have you here.
You are all welcome!

By Jenny Chisom 17 Nov 2010 (C)
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