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Friday, 15 January 2010

Modules you can choose from, at De Conservatoire

Basic Modules - Understanding speech in communication - Introduction to English language communication - The English speech sound - Pronunciation - The power of communication and public speaking Writing module - The art of writing (compulsory) - Employing your imagination(imaginative writing) Free of cost - Structure of writing (compulsory) - Technical writing - Psychology of writing (compulsory) - Journalese writing - Legalese writing - Business/ proposal writing - Writing a business plan - Script writing/ Screenplay - Editing written script: the correctness and style effect - Spelling skills Free of cost - The art of diplomacy in writing Exercises BBC English test system Vocabulary development Reading to write Speaking module - The art of diplomacy - The art of reading - Practice: the imperative of language acquisition exercise 1) - Making impromptu speeches Feigning Accents - Feigning Accents - Communicate right and getting great results (free of cost) - Effective use of body language, signs and signals (compulsory) - Breathe control: the imperative for speech making (compulsory) - Ensuring effective audience participation - Facing your audience - Projection vs. Self consciousness - Vocabulary development - Psychology of speaking - Projection ( making an impression) - Winning Presentational styles (free of cost) - Body carriage/ Charisma - Creative comedy –(Story telling/ use of imageries/ Local content etc) - Employing your imagination - TV vs. Radio presenting Exercises Movie review Prominent speeches Books Field tests Acting Module - Acting alone - The act of mimicking - Effective use of body language, signs and signals - Feigning Accents - Breathe control: the imperative for speech making - Ensuring effective audience participation - Facing your audience (free of cost) - Projection vs. Self consciousness - Vocabulary development - Acting vs. Being - Projection ( making an impression) - Winning Presentational styles - Your acting instruments (compulsory) - Body carriage/ Charisma - Creative comedy –(Story telling/ use of imageries/ Local content etc) - Employing your imagination (free of cost) - Elements of acting (compulsory) Exercises - Acting Tactics - Overcoming obstacles - Goal setting in acting - Movie review - Prominent speeches - Books - Field tests
Dear Value adding Person, You are welcome aboard and we are glad for this opportunity you offered us to acquaint you with our services. De Conservatoire is a study and performance training arm of Logos & Audibles consults. At De Conservatoire, you can access one-on-one in-house training programmes or group in-house/ open course sessions on Speaking skills, Writing skills and Acting skills. These three broad aspects are either 1hour or 2-hour short courses in well over 30 eclectic course- formats. Our facilitators at De Conservatoire are both in-house trainers and other specialized consultants and performance/ life coaches drawn from within Africa and abroad. These specialized trainings are in-house, field tests and after-lecture time exercises which also culminate in projects and certificated examinations. Our promise is to promote the performance of our candidates and help them gain result in their various endeavours. We believe that you need a coach in every stage of your life in order to make your ideas and business soar. We have customized courses tailored to the competence and interest of our candidates after an academic and competence counseling/ testing so that we can offer the best of opportunities. Please find attached the registration form as well as the course content and this prospectus. The enrollment form is for a non-refundable fee of N500. Payment and enrollment into any of the course-modules is based on singular request of choice and indication of interest. Each module is a 3 credit unit at a cost of N5, 000 each with basic courses on communication. Coaching sessions for the first half of 2010 is as below: Early bird - February 8 – March 19 Sunrise bird - March 29- May 7 Soaring bird -May17- June 25 You are at liberty to choose course modules of your choice guided by our counsel. Each module has a maximum credit load of 3, with cost calculated per hour.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

The world of Logos

Logos Audibles Enterprises is a Communication Support firm based in Abuja, Nigeria
Office: 22 Ladoke Akintola Boulevard, Garki 2 Abuja

(+234) (0)8038994417, 07089893159, 07039639763
Our services:
Professional Copy Editing/ Proofreading, Writing,  Research, Transcription, Subtitling, Business Development, Idea Conceptualization, Trainings and Audio visuals.
Our training arm is called De CONSERVATOIRE, where value- adding individuals across Nigeria, Africa and the rest of the world  train and have us polish their Speaking, Writing and Acting skills.
We are committed to making sure our clients are packaged in speech, writings and acts in order to win that aim they set out to.
We make sure your language codes are well presented and you, well represented!

Welcome to

- De conservatoire
- Logos and Audibles Editor

Editing outlineComprehensive editing Analysis:

This service is suited for academic documents, essays, articles, business documents, resumes, cover letters and other documents fewer than 75pages;

Logos Audibles Editor will analyse and correct your document within a multistage process, focusing on Content, Organisation, and Style and will provide in-depth recommendations and rewriting if necessary.
Turnaround time options range from 24hours to 1 week or more.
Cost per page options range from N580 ($3.85) to N1, 523 ($10.15), depending on the selected due date.
Large Project Editing and Consulting

This service is best suited for BOOKS, DISSERTATIONS, PROPOSALS, and other documents above 75pages. Delivery times are usually GREATER THAN 1WEEK. Cost per page is N728 ($4.85). Logos & Audibles Editor will act as either a One-on-One / Virtual English Consultant: establishing Objectives for your project, creating a specific plan for editing and communicating with you through message exchanges.
Logos Audibles Editor will analyse and correct Content, Organisation and Style and provide i-depth recommendations and rewriting if necessary.
Express Delivery Service

Your document will be edited and delivered within 1-5 hours. To achieve this, Logos & Audibles Editor will project turnaround times for every of our available Express Editors and will assign your transaction to the L& A Editor with the fastest projected turnaround time. Cost per page is approximately N2, 115 ($14.10) which is N7.05 ($0.047) per word. This service has a 4,500 word maximum submission limit (approximately 15 pages). Logos & Audibles Editor will evaluate your Content and Organisation, provide recommendations and will correct errors I spelling and grammar. This is best for small documents such as letters, email messages or minor papers.
Document submission

Fill out the Delivery form and submit along with your document. Before submission, indicate a content category that best describes your transaction (Business, Technical, Arts, Scientific, IT, Journalese, Legalese, Children genre, Language etc)
Enter instructions for the Editor

Enter the number of pages within your document and also enter your Job title and delivery date/ time.
You can send your document as an email attachment for documents over 30 pages or copy/ paste your document’s text into a submission Form and forward to editor@logosaudibles.com or contact us on +2348038994417 for postage details, if necessary.
Subscription to our service will afford you great discounts and privileges.
Payment Method

Pay into any Oceanic Bank Account within Nigeria. Then enter your Teller number and amount paid on the display page. We’d contact you as soon as we confirm. Please call for the account details after you have sent your documents/ scripts. It is that simple!
Transaction Process

After you have completed the document submission process, your editor will correct your document during the time period you specified. You can track the process of your editing transaction by checking your email/ SMS alerts.
Documents transferred by post delivery may delay the start of your transaction by at least 12hours. There is no transaction delay for copy/paste documents transfer method or file attachment methods. Editor corrections will be indicated either through coloured texts or Microsoft word track changes.
Contact your editor

You can through SMS /Email, send additional files or call +2348038994417 or editor@logosaudibles.com
Edited Document Pick up

You will receive am email notification and text message concerning the completion of your job. Then check your email box or post office box as the case may be.

Rate your Editor

Feedback is important to us. So you can rate your editor form 1-5, One (1)  being least efficient and 5 being greatly efficient. You can send you feedback as mail and send to us on jennychisom@logosaudibles.com or as comments on our blog at http://www.logosandaudibles.blogspot.com/ and website at http://www.logosaudibles.com/

The rates for this service are as follows (we define a page as containing approximately 300 words)
- 1st 24hours N1, 523 ($10.15) per page
- Day 2 N1, 163 ($7.75) per page
- Day 3 N998 ($6.65) per page
- 1 week or more N578 ($3.85) per page
CE & A
To calculate how many pages in your document, simply open your document using Microsoft word, click on the word count option in the Tools menu, and divide the number of words in your document by 300.
Please note that there are minimum & maximum numbers of pages for each time period listed above.

These page ranges are as follows:

- 1st 24 hours - 1-20pages
- Day 2 - 1-40 pages
- Day 3 - 10-60 pages
- 1 week - 30-120pages
- More than 1 week more than 120 pages
Express Delivery Service EDS
The rates are as follows:Express Delivery – N7.05 ($0.047) per word
Approximately N2, 115 ($14.10) per page
The maximum submission limit for Express Delivery transaction is 4, 500 words ( or approx. 15 pages) Timeline is usually 1-5 hours
Large format Editing & ConsultingThe service rate for LPEC transactions is the following:
Editing & Consulting – N727.5 ($4.85) per page
The minimum submission limit for LPEC transactions is 40pages.
Price DiscountsLogos Audibles Editor offers price discounts ranging from 5% off to 25% off the standard rate.
 Please note that price discounts do not affect Express Delivery service price calculations.